• Lanita T.

    I have been taking Sea Moss from Mossibilities for over a year now. I FEEL AMAZING!!! I have so much more energy and my immune system is as strong as it’s ever been. I have been recommending Mossibilities to all my friends and family! This product is excellent, and the customer service is top tier!!

  • Taryn B.

    Mossibilities made a believer in Sea Moss! The elderberry is my absolute favorite followed by the cinnamon & honey. The ingredients are always fresh, the quality is superb, the taste is consistently good and the customer service is always operating at a high level. It’s not often that you can reach out to CEO and get a response back from them addressing your comments, questions, or concerns. If you’ve you ever had an unpleasant experience with the taste of Sea Moss trust me when I say, that is not the case with Mossibilities.

  • Marq B.

    When I first heard about Sea Moss and the benefits of it, I was like let me give this a try. I have a close friend who recommend Mossibilities. The issues that I had prior to taking Mossibilities are nonexistent. I have noticed when I’m in boxing class or cycling I have so much more energy. When I miss a day or two of not taking the Sea Moss and I can tell a difference in my complete body.
    Mossibilities has a customer for life.

  • Debra W.

    I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!!!! I have been a loyal supporter of Mossibilities for quite some time. Ginger infused Sea Moss is my go-to twice sometimes three times a day! Anyone who is serious about improving their health and wellness, I highly recommend Mossibilities. You will not be disappointed.


  • Pamela M.

    I wont lie, I was skeptical at first. I have been consistently taking Mossibilites and I can say I am a believer in the Moss! I have recommended Mossibilities to family and friends and they feel the same way I do. Great product.

  • Charles P.

    I was
    introduced to Sea Moss in May 0f 2022 at my annual family reunion. I had no idea what Sea Moss was or what it could do for me. I listened to Kenneth explain the benefits it could add to my health and decided to give it a try. I purchased elderberry and cinnamon & honey. I have placed several orders since then. I take it daily with my oatmeal or yogurt, and I found the product to be beneficial for the swelling in my joints and since taking the Sea Moss, my right ring finger has returned to its normal size. Sea Moss must be refrigerated or frozen until ready to use. When it is shipped to me it is consistently cold due to the packing practices Mossibilities uses. I enjoy this product!

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